True multithread VB source code controls

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  • 19 years ago

    Does anyone know how I can emulate free-threading in vb 6.0.

    I installed visual studio .NET because VB.NET supports free-threading, but it runs v.slowly and the conversion process of my original project has caused it to stop working alltogether.

    Because of this I would very much like to revert back to v6.0 but I will have to do threading.

    Any ideas or related sources would be of much use.


    Carl Austin

  • 19 years ago

    Serial communication control:

    Winsock controls:

    How to use multithread in VB? Simple using of CreateThread will work in VB5 but crash in VB6, Why? Overlapped IO can improve your blocked operation with high efficiency in real time OS, how to do this? Must use a friend or public method to fire your message event in your own controls? NO, you can use callback function in VB safely in Banasoft's way. BNComm source code version would help you to build professional commercial control in VB.

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