multilanguage support

  • 19 years ago

              I am a student of MCA interested in doing something special
    in my course.
                  I am doing my project work now  as part of the curriculam,
    and  I want to know the details of how to incorporate the multilingual
    feature support  in my application.
                 So,please, guide me how to do it in my application.I am doing
    the project in VB.

  • 19 years ago

    The best way to do that would be to use resource files... Would you simply want to distribute different versions of your application for each language, or allow the user to change the language without downloading another version?

  • 19 years ago

    You can use a resource file (.res), to do so first you must load the 'VB 6 Resource Editor', you can find it in the add-in manager menu (If you have trouble with this, check the VB help).
    Then you must create a string table and asign strings to the numbers in the table.
    To load a string into your Visual Basic app, for example you can use the following statement: 'Text1.Text = LoadResString(103)'.
    The number (103 in this case) is the id of the string you want to load.
    So, if you give the user the choice of different languages, depending on the language you will load different resource strings.
    This is a simple introduction to the subject, but I think you can get going from here. You can find more info on this subject here in vbweb or at Hope it helps!.

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