SQL + Subtracting SmallDateTimes

  • 15 years ago

    below is my stp.  However, i get an arithmetic overflow converting expreession to smalldatetime.  How could I do this?

    SELECT DISTINCT j.SummonsFileddt, jg.Filenum
    FROM         tblJob j INNER JOIN
    JobGroup jg ON j.JobGroupid = jg.JobGroupid
    WHERE     (jg.FileClosedt IS NOT NULL) AND (jg.Clientvv = 11) AND (jg.Clientpk = 9343) OR
    pk = 9619) OR
                         (jg.Clientpk = 15428)
    GROUP BY j.SummonsFiled
    dt, jg.Filenum, jg.FileClosedt
    HAVING      (jg.FileClosedt - j.SummonsFileddt >= DATEADD(d, - 15, GETDATE()))

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