WebService + Array

  • 15 years ago

    I want to pass in an XML file into my webservice...ie:
           <DefendantFullName>Robert E. Jones</DefendantFullName>
           <DefendantAddress1>2943 Side Street</DefendantAddress1>

    but I can't do this with a client--the other side of my team developes this.  I have to build the web service.  So the other team wants to input the login and password--ok great, I can handle that.  Then they want to pass in the xml.  And I'm supposed to take this xml and input it into the SQL Server--not sure how to do this either.  

    Now, how would I pass in this XML?  Would I do it by string, by array?  These XML Files will get fairly large at some points.  And the other side doesn't want to pass the xml by file name.

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