External Procedure

oracle India
  • 15 years ago
    Hello ppl,
    Can someone pls explain with an example how to call an external procedure
    from a stored procedure.

    Pls don't give me the same example on calling AGetDiskFreeSpace in kernel32.dll
    coz i tried tht and it works fine. Also the one to genereate random nos in another
    system DLL, well tht too works.
    The problem is when i create my own DLL and try to call a function it gives me the
    error tht Oracle was enable to load the DLL.
    If you want i will give you the entire thing wht i did.

    Does external proc call only works on System DLL? Just kidding.

    Pls help.

    Thanking in advance,
    Ashutosh S Dasgupta.
  • 15 years ago

    finally the external procedure worked but now i am getting this new error
    when i added parameters to my DLL function

    What is an lost RPC connection while external procedure

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