Can't Get Dim To Work...

  • 15 years ago
    Here's My Example Code...

    Option Explicit
    Public MyVariable as string , cnt as integer
    Dim MyVariable (1 to 100) , cnt (100)

    Do while cnt < 100


    My goel here, is to eventually be able to display whatever number in that array I wan't between 1-100 such as eg.#1 Label1.Caption=Val(Primary(5)) or something like this...???
    ' Running this program only displays the " Primary " as = " 0 "
    what am I doing wrong...I'm NEW to all this ...

    Any Precise Help would be appreciated...Thank's.

  • 15 years ago


    ok i dont know what your exact intensions are but if you want to say display a name stored in the variable "MyVariable" you initially have to put something in this variable

    ' general declarations

    Option Explicit
    Private MyVariable(1 to 100) as string

    public cnt as integer

    for cnt = 1 to 100
    MyVariable(cnt)  =   inputbox("Insert something here: Variable no - " & cnt)   ' this is where you set   'the string

    'now this is where you recall the variable... "var" is what array value you want to call E.g 56
    label1.caption = myvariable(Val)



    try that.. need more help hit me back!



  • 15 years ago


    U can also use this method

    Option Explicit

    'now this is where you recall the variable... "var" is what array value you want to call E.g 56

    for i=1 to Ubound(myvariable)
       label1.caption = myvariable(Val)

    next i

    Hari K

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