Help Moving Simulated Progress bar.

  • 15 years ago
    I Give,...I'm trying to create a simulated 3D Bitmap drawed image of a thin long shaded colored bar, which will represent a progress bar. When I Link this image into VB5 I have the image, but how do I get it to move, or seemingly slide fading away as in an enhanced RPG Game meter would be above a playing charecters head...??? Can anyone help.
  • 15 years ago


    You can achieve this using two picture boxes. Place one picture box on a form, place the second picture box within the first picture box (such that the first picture box is the container of the second picture box).  Load your graphic into the second picture box, load a background graphic (if you wish) in the first picture box.

    The use some code like the following to move the second picture box within the first picture box, the first picture box has the effect of clipping the second picture box.

    Dim lngLoop As Long   

        For lngLoop = 0 To 3000

            Picture2.Left = -3000 + r



    For better performance you should do the moving within a timer event or within you load / save / game play.

    Have fun


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