could not find ParserDetails.ini in /PerlApp/XML/SAX

perl India
  • 14 years ago

    hi friends,

    i'm the bigginner in perl.

    very first i would like to provide you some info about my system on which i'm working



    perl :activestate perl version

    well, i made a executable file i.e. "search.exe" from "" (perl application file) using PDK (Perl developement kit).

    now ,when itest this exe then it gave me the following error..


    could not find ParserDetails.ini in /PerlApp/XML/SAX
    Can't locate object method "new" via package "XML::SAX::PurePerl" at /PerlApp/XML/SAX/ line 43.

    whether i have installed this module and when i'm running this file directly on command then it is working absolutly fine.

    but the exe is giving error.

    it might be because of somewhere PDK is not getting that module so ...

    if any body know about this problem then plz help....

    let me know if anybody require more detail..

    Thanks in advance

  • 14 years ago
     hello friends ,

    i have solve this problem but for future help to others i 'm posting that soltution too..

    use strict;
    use XML::Simple;
    $XML::Simple::PREFERRED_PARSER = "XML::SAX::PurePerl";
    use XML::SAX::PurePerl;

    or you can check these followong links[email protected]/msg02007.html


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