Trading System not quite sure what .NET technology to use for this

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  • 14 years ago

    I have been tasked with developing a system similar to trading software that is used by brokers to bid and sell stocks. I have never developed a .NET application so this is to be my first. I have over 3years of programming though, so concepts are not that hard to grasp.

    I have read on web services, gone through a bit on threading and am not quite sure if it should be client server based.

    In brief, there are people in a room, each on a computer, bidding and selling for certain things. none of those people can see whats going on on the other's computer but each can choose to buy whats on offer, sell what they have or bid for something on sale. I think it is a typical in a stock trading floor.

    Its not that I want a solution but I am wondering whether it would be recommended to use webservices or P2P programming or sockets programming (for interchanging data),
    whether to use threads to offer real time data or develop my own polling mechanism to check the data?

    I'm a bit overwhelmed with what I can use, but would like to know what would be most recommended for such an application.


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