Using & in VB 2005 controls

  • 14 years ago

    In VB 6.0 when you place the “&” in front of a letter and its underline the letter and the control that has it can be called with the keys “ATL+underlined letter”. In VB 2005 you can do that two but the underline letter doesn’t show up unless you press the ALT key. How can I make that the underline letter show up always?

  • 14 years ago
    That's got nothing to do with .NET.  That'a a Windows XP feature.  Go to Control Panel -> Display, select the Appearance tab and press the Effects button.  Uncheck the "Hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until I press the Alt key" box.  Press OK twice and voila, your underlined letters will show up all the time.  If the user wants your shortcuts visible then they'll uncheck that option.  If they don't uncheck that option then they don't want to see your shortcuts so don't force them to.

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