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  • 14 years ago

    Specification (draft)

     To calculate a running total of flexible working hours and show it in
    calendar view based on a reference calendar which is on server in
    "Public Folders" with a name "Standard Working Hours"
     A separate "balance ticket" can be generated as well and user may open
    the balance ticket to get all the required information (daily and running
    balance). Runnig total and the updating of changed data may be a bit
    challenging to program !
     Another option is to place the information in the "Tasks" folder of
    the user or some other special "Own Working Hours"
     To calculate own daily working hours based on a reference calendar
    which is on server in "Public Folders" with a name "Working Hours"
     To check that there are no overlapping hours (overlapping
    appointments are OK, but the ones starting with an integer are not permitted to
    overlap). A RED error ticket may be generated or some other form of error
    message should be displayed to the user in error condition.
     TO make a balance correction - if needed based on special "balance
    correction" appoinment on the day given for the future days
     To produce a (given time span) report of used working hours to
    specific codenumber or task. This is extra bonus feature.

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