Copy file to clipboard and use Clipboard object in VB.NET (#2)

  • 14 years ago
    Public Function ClipboardCopyFiles(ByVal Files() As String) As Boolean

            Dim dataObject As New DataObject
            Dim varObject(0) As String

            Dim fileName As String
            Dim idxFile As Integer
            Dim scriptingFile As Scripting.File
            Dim fileSysObject As New Scripting.FileSystemObject

                'Clipboard.SetDataObject(New DataObject)
                For idxFile = LBound(Files) To UBound(Files) - 1
                    If Not (Files(idxFile) Is Nothing) Then
                        scriptingFile = fileSysObject.GetFile(Files(idxFile).ToString())
                        fileName = scriptingFile.ShortPath
                    End If
                varObject(0) = fileName
                dataObject.SetData(DataFormats.FileDrop, False, varObject)
                ClipboardCopyFiles = True
            Catch ex As Exception
                MsgBox(ex.Source & " : " & ex.Message)
                ClipboardCopyFiles = False
                Throw ex
            End Try

        End Function

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