A date Question

  • 14 years ago


    I need your help with dates. I have 2 dates and i want to know the mathematical difference between them, for example:

    variable = Date1 - Date2



  • 14 years ago

    You can use the DateDiff function to get the difference between two dates.  You'll need two date objects however. Here is an example:

            Dim firstDate As Date = Now
            Dim secondDate As Date = Now

        MsgBox(DateDiff(DateInterval.Day, firstDate, secondDate))</pre>If your dates are in the form of a string then you can convert them using date.parse. The next example demonstates this.<pre>        Dim firstdate As Date = Today
        Dim secondDate As Date = Date.Parse("12/25/2006")
        MsgBox(DateDiff(DateInterval.Day, firstDate, secondDate))</pre>
  • 14 years ago

            Dim dtOne As New DateTime(2006, 12, 1)
            Dim dtTwo As New DateTime(2006, 11, 11)

            Dim dtSpan As TimeSpan = dtOne - dtTwo

    dtSpan would give you the following values


  • 14 years ago
    thanks TwoFaced and  Thulasee. i did it. thank for your help.

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