RealMeteo - a vb5 automatic browser delivered

  • 14 years ago

    Create a public meteo-point with RealMeteo and a PC

    The meteo forecast and the satellite earth pictures about wheather available on web, are a topic more interesting for many peoples and companies. To be able to project this pictures to the public in sequential and automatic way gives origin to an interesting "meteo-point media", useful in all the public places what airports, hotels, business centers etc.

    RealMeteo do it in completely automatic way of all of this, transforming a pc connected to internet in a great interest and social utility..




    RealMeteo is a robotized browser, whose configuration is a simple and fast operation.  Once finished, we can forget the computer, except that to use it visualizing the projected pictures.  The comfortable pages menu, allows us to easily plan the few necessary parameters.  We decide what among the available pictures we want to visualize on our slide-show, every how many minutes we want that RealMeteo reconnect itself to internet to download the updated pictures, how much second have to remain every image in sequence and if we prefer a visualization in scaled mode or in full screen.  An interesting thing for the guest company it is the possibility to insert in the slide-show, an image "custom", i.e. the photo of the establishment with the logo of the company or the photo of a key product, profit to have an advertising return from the software.  Once verified that the program involves as we desire, we don't remain to activate the autostart of it, inserting the shortcut in startup folder, and if we want, unconect the keyboard and the mouse from the computer, to prevent unathorized modify of setup parameters.  Just installed, the program normally works in demo free mode and it visualizes pictures not updated in real time (the refresh rate depends on the various satellites and you/he/she can vary from some about ten minutes, to some times). Thanks to Developer Fusion is possible to register for free and get an user licence valid 15 months, accessing the site and inserting the code


     in the box PROMO. You receive immediatly the erial number to acivate RealMeteo and start the software in real time mode.

    Signed: RealMeteo staff



    >> Media Utility

    RealMeteo 1.5

    Version: Complete Comercial

    WHAT DO: Transform a PC connected to internet in an automatic “Meteo Point”.


    ·    Pentium 133 MHz

    ·    32 MB Ram

    ·    Windows 98SE/NT/2000/XP

    LANGUAGE: English/Italian




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