Function and Constant reference between Modules

  • 14 years ago
    I have a small Project which contains the Modules:
    SplashForm (another UserForm)

    I am having trouble when I try to Call in one module a Subroutine which is defined in a different Module.
    Likewise, a Constant defined in UserForm1 is not recognised by code in UserForm2.

    I thought that Constants and Private Subroutines were visible throughout the Project, but not visible outside it.
    Do I have this wrong ?  If so, How do I fix it please ?

  • 14 years ago


    Private subs, functions, and modules are only readable for the object created in (either a form or sheet). In order to be able to share variables an subs through up all your project you will have to create a module and identify them within the module. You shall use the Public function instead of dim for variables (ex: Public counter as integer)

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