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  • 14 years ago

       I recently saw a post on a simple keylogger. I made my own that hides, and the only way to open it is to type the caption of the window in another app I made. I made it so that it does not save a .txt file, instead it just stays in the window. I put a scroll bar vertically, and for some reason, some of the text goes underneath the scroll bar. Also I think I want to make the logger better by having it save a .txt file to the hard drive right before someone shutsdown or restarts the computer, so the text on the window is not lost. I have Visual Studio .net 2003, so if you give me some help it has to be to that format. The keylogger is for legal perposes("spelling :( ") I really need the help to better my knowledge of Visual Basic .net 2003. Thank you very much! (In advance)



  • 14 years ago
    Don't use controls - primarilly - to hold informations of any type. Use string, in this case, you can use fileOpen, append, close.. But saving every key to file is huge process, so better will be to use timer, which checks storing string about length, and if it reaches some point it flush string by append to file. At the end you should check event Form_Closing or Form_Closed, or sub Dispose, where you put that final fileclose/close, because it is some chance that when app ends without fileclose, data lost occures.

    Have an ice work

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