Ethnic makeup of students

  • 13 years ago
    Using the ethnic makeup of the students of Texas Classrooms as a standard for diversity - 48 percent white, 35 percent Hispanic, and 14 percent African American -, the Austin and Victoria education service center (ESC) regions as a group have the greatest diversity among students. The Austin ESC region is 59 percent white, 29 percent Hispanic, and 10 percent African American. Areas such as Houston and Richardson/Dallas also have a white Texas Classroom population near 50 percent, but differ from Austin and Victoria in that they have about equal percentages of African American and Hispanic students. The student populations in the northeast urban areas of Fort Worth, Waco, and Huntsville show a clear majority of white students - over 60 percent -, combined with equal percentages of African American and Hispanic students. All other regions in Texas reflect only one or two ethnic groups. Regions along the eastern border of the state have Texas Classrooms with predominately white student bodies, with fairly large proportions of African American students and very low percentages of Hispanic students. A large number of regions in the western part of the state have a white and Hispanic student population, with few African American students. Two regions are virtually represented by one ethnic group -the El Paso and Edinburg regions have 80 and 94 percent Hispanic students, respectively.

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