looped query

  • 13 years ago

    hello people

    I have 2 tables, employee and engineer.


    I need to get all the details from employee for the employee number obtained from engineer


    the employee table has both operators and engineers details and the only way they are distinguishable is through the engineer table which has a primary foreign key of employee number so


    IF engineer.emplyeeNumber == employee.employeeNumber THEN Give details


    fields are as follows













    and i need to create a view that shows the engineers with what they specialise in and thier details i have currently


    CREATE VIEW specialise AS
         SELECT * FROM employee WHERE employeenumber = (SELECT employeeNumber FROM engineer);


    but i get the error of "single row subquery returns multiple rows"


    please help



  • 13 years ago

    What you want is this:

    Create VIEW specialise AS

       Select  a.employeenumber, a.Specialise, b.email, b.phone from Engineer a left join Employee b on a.employeenumber = b.employeenumber

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