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  • 13 years ago


    I am working on a registration system (windows form) using visual studio 2005 can I create global connection variable in my system to modify the connection string by code (modify connection string in app.config)


    thank you

  • 13 years ago



       Actualy there are sevaral ways u can do it. First is u can define ur connection varibale in a vb module. Other way is, declare connection variable as shared.

       In the case of connection string one way is the way is the way u mentioned. That is, defined it in app.config file. U can modify it at any time without recompiling the programme. Other way is. since in connection string, the changing variables are host name / DB name. So u can define those in an outside XML file and when application loading, u can read that xml file and can extract host name and the DB name. Then u can make the connection string.

    Hope this would help u !!

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