Business Logic Layer in Visual Basic 2005

  • 13 years ago

    Hello visual basic experts.

                I’m new to visual basic 2005. Still now working in visual basic 6  I love to work with that. We are using oops concepts in vb6; I know it’s not pure oops. We created Business Logic Layer in vb6. I would like to create Business logic layer in three tire architecture with Pure OOPS concept [supporting .net framework] in visual basic 2005. How to create Business Logic Layer 3 tier architecture? Anyone help me please? If any one provide sample project it would be appreciate. Thanks in advance…


    For example…

            I’m creating a form that is supporting to get users information. There is have insert, edit, save, delete, move first, move next like buttons. Using that button users can enter the user information. Again I need to create form for receipt master that’s also have same like user information “insert, edit, save, delete, move first, move next like buttons” so this time I need to create all coding for this button evens too. That I don’t want.


    Ps. I’m sorry I don’t know where to post this…



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