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  • 17 years ago


    How to point to a father class?

    Or in details, I am building a CLASS MOUDLE and facing this problam:
    Assume Class Papa with properties and a sub Class Papas_Child -->

    Class Papa
         Class Papas_Child



    So Method InitPapa need the pointer to the father what is his name?

    Hope I got my question clear...

  • 17 years ago

    class module


    Public strName As String
    Public ObjFather As Class1

    Public Function Init(strInitName As String, Optional ByRef objFatherName As Class1 = Nothing)
       strName = strInitName
       Set ObjFather = objFatherName
    End Function

    Problem Can't override Class_Initialize() you're right on "V.B dislikes Object Oriented"

    form code or somethin else


       Dim c1 As New Class1
       Call c1.Init("Father")
       Dim c2 As New Class1
       Call c2.Init("Child", c1)
       MsgBox "c1.Name = " & c2.strName & " has c2 as father = " & c2.ObjFather.strName

    Hope that is what you wanted

    Xcuse my english

  • 17 years ago


    What I am looking for is in other O.O languages.
    Something like: suprior, or the sort.
    It should be a command or a reserved word.

    Will reprhrase the question:


    Inside a method of a sub class I'm trying to change it's father's property.
    How do I point to the father's Class?

    Hope the question is clear.
    Thanks for the tips till now.

  • 17 years ago

    R U lookin a SuperClass kind of Reserved word ?
    If u find such keyw let me know..!!!

    u want to change the father property of a child class with another father class ?
    (tha's waht u mean by "change it's father's property")
    u want to change a propery of a father class (access a method / change a property of a father class)?

    Both ?
    This I can do...

    i'll send you the code ...
    Answer once again if you please.
    Sorry we (I) are (am) a little confused.

  • 17 years ago

    Class module


    Public strName As String
    Public ObjFather As Class1

    Public Function Init(strInitName As String, Optional ByRef objFatherName As Class1 = Nothing)
      strName = strInitName
      Set ObjFather = objFatherName
    End Function

    Public Function FuckTheFather()
    ' this changes father a class property
     If ObjFather Is Nothing Then
       MsgBox "this fucker has no father = ROOT"
     End If
     ObjFather.strName = ObjFather.strName & "it's really fucked up in the ASS !"
    End Function

    Public Function ChangeTheFather(ByRef OtherFather As Class1)
    ' this changes child's papa
       Set ObjFather = OtherFather
    End Function

    form ...


    Dim fatherClass As New Class1
    Dim child As New Class1
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
           Call fatherClass.Init("Father")
           Call child.Init("Child", fatherClass)
       MsgBox "fatherClass.Name = " & child.strName & " has child as father = " & child.ObjFather.strName
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command2_Click()
       Call child.FuckTheFather
       MsgBox "Father name is:" & fatherClass.strName
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command3_Click()
       Dim mamaIsABiatch As New Class1
       Call mamaIsABiatch.Init("Other one...")
       Call child.ChangeTheFather(mamaIsABiatch)
       MsgBox "my dad is " & child.ObjFather.strName
    End Sub

    command 1 = init
    command 2 = change fathers property of child (pointing at the father)
    cammand 3 = change the father's child            (---------//-------------)

  • 17 years ago

    All I need to do is to use the Papa’s var name.
    I knew it’s simple but didn’t think it is that simple.

    Silviu – Thanks for your tries – it does look lie you worked on it but it couldn’t have been so difficult.

    Let me explain:

    I am in the child’s class and I need to refer to a var declared in  the father’s class. I was looking for a pop up window to choose it from but couldn’t find it.

    All is needed is to use the actual name.
    V.B. is so far from being Object Oriented.

    Had I known it was that simple.


  • 17 years ago

    Vb more like Object Based than Object Oriented.
    Do you know if .NET is Object Oriented?
    (in the pure sense not in the "micro"Soft sense..)

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