Rotate image? Pls Help

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  • 13 years ago

    How to rotate Image?Pls Help

    can someone provide me with a sample source code for it

  • 13 years ago
    What happened?  Did you give up on the other thread?  I'm not sure what to tell you.  I believe I asked a few questions in the other thread and gave all the tips I can.  Again, what version of visual studio are you using?  The System.Drawing.Image object has a RotateFlip method which you've already attempted to use.  At least I know this method exists from .net framework 1.1 and up.  In visual studio try going to help and clicking on "about microsoft visual studio".  It should tell you what framework it's using.  What does it say?  This code should work.  Try creating a completly new project and test the code.
            Dim img As Image = Image.FromFile("c:\test.jpg")
            PictureBox1.Image = img
  • 13 years ago
    i know what problem. the problem is this code can work on window but cannot work on Pocket PC
  • 13 years ago
    pls help me for the source code to how to rotate image on pocket pc?
  • 13 years ago
    Or try Memory Bitmap unsafe class which uses memory lock to access pixels directly. It is free to find at goog. Idea: manipulate its matrix and data [pt x pt] rotation. But it allows you only N x 90° rotations and all axes tilting.

  • 13 years ago

    For mobile development, the Smart Device framework from is very useful and the community edition is free.

    After installing it, you can rotate an image by calling: OpenNETCF.Drawing.Imaging.ImageUtils.Rotate(....


  • 13 years ago
    opennetcf is it almost same as for poket Pc?

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