A Challenge to all coders

.net , db , java , mysql Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • 11 years ago
    hi all:
    this is a challenge to all coders around the globe.
    i have been looking for an application for over 4 years now.
    i have not been able to find it anywhere.
    does it exist?

    i have looked at over 100 applications, installed some, not others
    none can be adapted and none are suitable.
    maybe it is too simple for anyone to have made.

    and i am going mad with looking
    thought i should stop looking and asking
    and starting SHOWING what i mean
     i have posted as a sort of show and tell
    here it is
    has anyone seen this code?
    thankyou for your time

  • 11 years ago

    Apart from the parts that seem to suggest selection from fixed lists, this ability to join, log in, and and delete stuff etc sounds very much like the basis of Web 2.0 from what I understand of it. It is the underlying technology of Wiki.

    If your requirements had been 'A java application that...' or 'A .net application which...'  or similar, then I imagine many people could have assisted.

    But the page says 'no NET.  no Visual Basic. Must be small. Must be cheap...'

    You describe it as a challenge or competition, but it is not one..You are simply saying 'does this program exist already for free?'.  The technology you need is out there. The program will be free if you write it.

    If someone else writes it, it will cost you money, but at that point it won't matter what the development tool is, because you wont need to use it yourself.

    I severely doubt that 'none can be adapted, and none are suitable.' After all, the bulk of the page is simply a list of rows from a database exposed in a grid, isn't it?


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