Is .Net fully released yet?

  • 17 years ago

    I'd like to get a general sense of what is going on with .Net right now. Is it fully released? Are developers embracing it yet? Given the recession and lack of new developement are people staying with VB6 for a while longer? What's the word?

  • 17 years ago

    yes Microsofts groovy new development platform .NET has been released and is already in circulation. If your a MSDN Subscriber(Universal) like me you would have got it in your mailbox few months(cant remember when) back.

    Currently i am only mucking around with the .NET platform. I am using .NET Enterprise Architect which is what you get with the subscribtion... it came with a stack of samples/demos and various bits and peieces which i am screwing with at the moemnt.

    If your curious it came on 7 CD's... yes you read it correct 7(S E V E N) which is a massive update to your systems. Its around 3.6GB to install the whole snuzzle. Thank-fully it comes in a DVD version as well.

    but realistically unless your a major company who has worked with the new platform since the teeny weeny daz of .NET B1(where you didnt have an uninstaller-major bummer!) you wouldnt as yet move to it that qiuckly. For me i am sticking with my existgin copy of Visual Studio 6 and my products are going to remain at version 6 until most likely the next release.

    Give the new platform a bit of time(say a couple of years) and we will start to notice alot of folks using it. Its like when VB4 had a 16bit and 32bit version but this is a whole new development enviroment so its essentially more wokr to port off your existing work.

    what about the rest of you? SenGoku? James? etc?

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