Converting to image

  • 13 years ago

     I have Bill invoice in my appilication using crystal report , i want to send that to my client as image. can anyone suggest a method to do this.

    Or, is there anyway to Export a crystal report to image.
    or is there anyway to Convert a word document to image.

    Please help me.


  • 13 years ago

    A number of methods suggest themselves.

    a) Display the report. Use API calls such as BitBlt to copy the contents of the displayed window to a picture box of your own. Save as a picture from that.

    b) Download a free PDF printer driver, print the document through that, and email the PDF

    c) Print the document through a fax driver, which will render the document as a TIF image in the process.

    d) Recreate the raw data of the report, create a bitmap, and use drawing commands on the bitmap to add boxes and text at the correct places. Save the bitmap.


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