Scrolling RectangleShapes in Visual Basic PowerPacks

  • 13 years ago

    I've trying to scroll to a number of RectangleShapes that I've drawn beyond the visible area of a tabpage using autoscroll. Per Microsoft's PowerPacks documentation, each RectangleShape has as its parent a shapecontainer whose parent is the tabpage. I've set autoscroll true for the shapecontainer, the tabpage and the form (which myst be overkill), and have tried to force the Horizontal/VerticalScroll maximum values to span the full range of the RectangleShapes being drawn, but whatever I do I can not get the scroll bars to appear... Autoscroll simply does not recognize that RectangleShapes have been drawn beyond the visible area of the tabpage, so does not display the scroll bars! I also get the same thing when using FillRectangle with System.Drawing.Graphics, so must be missing something basic here! Does anyone know how to get autoscroll to work with RectangleShapes and FillRectangles?

    Thanks is advance.

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