Pls Correct my code !

  • 13 years ago

    Hey Pls correct this code below as you can

    Public Sub ConvertImagesToEmbeddedMailImages(ByVal html As String, ByRef emailMessage As CDO.Message)

    Dim document As HtmlDocument = HtmlDocument.Create(html, False)

    Dim imageNodes As New HtmlNodeCollection()

    ' Get All the img nodes

    GetImageNodes(document.Nodes, imageNodes)

    For Each element As HtmlElement In imageNodes

    Dim path As String = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(element.Attributes("src").Value)

    Dim imageFileInfo As New FileInfo(HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(element.Attributes("src").Value))

    Dim contentId As String = imageFileInfo.Name.Replace(imageFileInfo.Extension, String.Empty)

    Dim bodyPart As CDO.IBodyPart = emailMessage.AddRelatedBodyPart(path, contentId, CDO.CdoReferenceType.cdoRefTypeLocation, String.Empty, String.Empty)bodyPart.Fields.Append("urn:schemas:mailheader:Content-ID", DataTypeEnum.adVariant, 255, FieldAttributeEnum.adFldMayBeNull, String.Format("<{0}>", contentId))


    'Change the src to "cid:<contentId>"

    element.Attributes("src").Value = String.Format("cid:{0}", contentId)


    ' set the email text to the modified html

    emailMessage.HTMLBody = document.HTML

    End Sub

    Private Sub GetImageNodes(ByVal nodes As HtmlNodeCollection, ByRef imageNodes As MIL.Html.HtmlNodeCollection)

    For Each node As HtmlNode In nodes

    Dim element As HtmlElement = TryCast(node, HtmlElement)

    If element IsNot Nothing Then

    If element.Name.ToLower() = "img" Then


    End If

    If element.Nodes.Count > 0 Then

    GetImageNodes(element.Nodes, imageNodes)

    End If

    End If


    End Sub

    I need in urgent na.

    regard from

    spider anatha


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