Need help with FAXCOMEXLib with XP

  • 13 years ago

    Hey, I'm trying to send a fax from a faxserver but I'm not able to connect to it. Here is my code :

                Dim objFaxDocument As New FAXCOMEXLib.FaxDocument
                Dim objFaxServer As New FAXCOMEXLib.FaxServer
                Dim JobID As Object

                objFaxDocument.Body = "c:\test.txt"
                objFaxDocument.DocumentName = "My Fax"
                objFaxDocument.Recipients.Add("1234", "Test")
                objFaxDocument.AttachFaxToReceipt = True
                objFaxDocument.Subject = "Fax"
                JobID = objFaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit(objFaxServer)
                MsgBox("The Job ID is :" & JobID(0))

            Catch ex As Exception
                MsgBox("Error number: " & Hex(Err.Number) & ", " & Err.Description)
            End Try

     I added the faxserver, which is a fax, so I can send a fax from any program by using the Print option. It's working fine when I fax a doc file from Word. Its name is HP_4345_H034_FAX.

    What do I have to write in my connect param so I can send a fax from the faxserver? I tried the IP of the fax, the name, my workstation's name but nothing is working. Always getting "Can't connect to server" or "Operation failed".

    My computer doesn't have directly access to a fax so it's why I'm connecting to a faxserver to send a fax. 

     Thank you.


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