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  • 13 years ago


     I have programmed an AJAX website before for my final year project at university. I did this using basic notepad programming using javascript, php and mysql using apache. However recently I have been looking into creating an AJAX website using .net.

     I have Visual Studio 2005 installed and I also have the .net 3.5 framework installed. I read that AJAX should be built into the 3.5 framework.

     Hoever the problem that I am having is that there is no asp.net ajax template when I go to create a new project. I assumed that installing 3.5 would have added the template as apposed to adding ajax manually into the .net 2.0 framework. Do I have to manually add the ajax project template? The book I am following does not cover this in detail just expects you to be able to open an ajax project.

     Has anybody else come accross this problem? Or can anybody with a little more experience tell me where I am going wrong? Thankyou in advance for taking time to read the post and hopefully reply.



  • 13 years ago

    after looking into the topic a bit more im starting to realise that even though there is no ajax template that all asp.net pages should now be 'ajax enabled' with framework 3.5.

     is this the case with vs 2005?

  • 13 years ago

    I have got the template working but I now have a new problem. the template does not automatically put a script manager into the page and when I add one myself manually it doesnt seem to render the script tags as it is supposed to. (totally stole that line from the book I am using). I get the 'sys' is undefined problem when i click on the asynchronous update button.



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