Code to check whether an email address really exists..

  • 11 years ago

     I guess you can "ask" some online ping services on specified domain. Try to select service which html output is simplest for parsing reasons. After you recieve ping result page you select that significant part or simply if result html will contain eg. "No such domain" textually you§ll know there is no such domain.



    User inputs:
    Your app calls e.g. "http:\\"
    1] Your app recieves code containing NNN.msec
    2] Your app recieves code which for every invalid address will have simillar textual parts

    But you should be using more ping or trace online services in case output of one becames imparseable
    and unrecognisable because of owner changes or different domain changes


  • 11 years ago

    I have Idea how to check it completely. You may write some online page which: sends check message to the address, and also you may have return address to some online system, where you can check with some cgi your incoming emails, and if you immediately get some, you only check if it is standard mailer daemon message and your cgi is than used by your application to obtain data if address exists. It is full construction, but it is or can be 1) slow, 2)unreliable, 3)what to do if app user is offline?? ... eh. retro

  • 11 years ago

    Hi there

    i have a bit ideas about that too

    try to download this or try to break DLL source code to build urself for see some code how to check email..

    or buy that DLL for easy to use and check email validation , email user

    but , if u try to check more and more will be sparm .....


    nimol men

  • 11 years ago

    Your app may not check virtual addresses (such addresses being added by web providers to accounts - where user name is any and same user recieve it and domain name is second level)

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