Help:How to create multiple dialog boxes

  • 13 years ago

    Can anybdy help me please. I am learning Visual C++ 6.0 and developing MFC AppWizard applications.


    I try to add a user deifined diaolog box window to my application.  I name it as CMsgDlg and its base class is set to CDialog. When I create the user defined window by calling CDialog::DoModal() method, I seem to have 2 choices to close the window.  That is, in a function of the user-defined window, I could call either OnOK() or EndDialog().  I am not quite sure what they do! Do I call OnOK() to make the window invisible and call EndDialog() to destroy the window? The Help manual is not clear about  it! It seems to suggest that, for a user-defined modal window created by CDialog::DoModal(), both OnOK() and EndDialog() make the window invisible or both of them destroy the window!!  I am confused. Could anyone tell me (1) how to make the user-defined modal window just invisible, & (2) how to destroy it!!  The manual seems to suggest that, for a window created by CDiaolog::DoModal(), DestroyWIndow() method is not used at all!



    I have added the following 5 lines in my C++ program:

       char *pt;

       const char *cpt;

       CString Msg = "hello";

       cpt = (const char *)Msg; //This is OK!


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