TCP connection over WAN

  • 12 years ago

    Hi guyz,

     I'm trying to make a program that can send simple data back and forth between 2 computers over the the internet... At the moment i can only get it to send data over the LAN, i have setup my router to forward all incoming connections to a specific port to my computer but still no luck... anyone have any hints, here is the source code for the server and client...




    Listener = New TcpListener(IPAddress.Parse(""), 22667) rchMessageBox.Text += "Starting IP Listener..." & vbCrLf

    m_terminate = False


    AddressOf ConnectionHandler, Nothing)

    rchMessageBox.Text += "Server Awaiting Connections. Press Cancel to stop server." & vbCrLf

    Catch ex As Exception rchMessageBox.Text += "Could not start IP Listener" & vbCrLf

    End Try



    Using client As New TcpClient Me.rchMessageBox.Text += "Attempting to connect to server on port 22666..." & vbCrLf


    client.Connect(IPAddress.Parse(""), 22667)

    Catch ex As Exception

    Me.rchMessageBox.Text += "Error Connecting..." & vbCrLf

    Exit Sub

    End Try

    Using writer As New BinaryWriter(client.GetStream)


    Using reader As New BinaryReader(client.GetStream)

    If reader.ReadString = "OK" Then

    Me.rchMessageBox.Text += "Connection Established..." & vbCrLf writer.Write("ReqUesT")

    If reader.ReadString = "FILE?" Then

    Me.rchMessageBox.Text += "Connection Established..." & vbCrLf


    Dim filesize As Integer = Integer.Parse(reader.ReadString())

    For i As Integer = 1 To filesize

    Me.rchMessageBox.Text += Chr(client.GetStream.ReadByte)


    Me.rchMessageBox.Text += vbCrLf & "Disconnecting..." & vbCrLf writer.Write("DisConNecT")

    End If


    Me.rchMessageBox.Text += "Connection not complete" & vbCrLf

    End If

    End Using

    End Using

    End Using


    I have left out all the threaded code because there is no problem with this, only the connecting...

    This is in 2005

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