Telephone based auto-systems???

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  • 12 years ago

    -- Not sure where other board to put this in.

    I received this requirement.
    - A telephone user will call a number. The number is connected to a system which will prompt for user authentication.
    - It may be userid/passwrod authentical or a unique word authentication. This will be only known to the user. It can be changed via phone or through a web-interface.
        - If could not authenticate in, let's say 3 times, then account is locked and user will have to request unlocking or do it online.
        - If properly authenticated, then user will be redirected to a queue and next available operator will handle the user.
        - System will open the default application screen for Operator. This screen will have prefernces set by the user  
    This seems like a regular telephone answering system but I don't have technical idea of creating such system.

    I am looking for following help:
    - What are the options for such needs?
    - Are there any .Net based solutions to this? or any other technologies?
    - What are the things I need to consider for such systems? Ofcourse security is the TOP priority.

    Please advise. Thanks


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