Questions about Mshtml.dll and Net 2.0 and Net 3.5

  • 12 years ago

    First, is there anywhere I can go in MS to see the offical list of dll's for Net 2.0 and Net 3.5?

    Second, I have an old application that was upgraded from Net 1.0 to Net 2.0.  I am using Microsoft.mshtml.dll from NET\Primary Interop Assemblies ver 7.0.3300.0.  This works with the WebBrowser control from Net 2.0 Framework version V2.050727.  My question: is there a newer version of mshtml.dll to work with the NET 2.0 control and if so where can I get it.

    Third,  I am thinkking about going to Net 3.5 from Net 2.0 - same question If I use the webBrowser control from Net 3.5 what mshtml.dll should I use (version) and where can I get it.

    Fourth, If I install Net 3.5 should I delete Net 2.0.  Is Net 3.5 a replacement for Net 2.0? 

    Last, Originally the Net 2.0 WebBrowser control was just a wrapper around the old COM Interop.SHDocVw webBrowser control from Interop.ShDocVw.dll has this scenario change in Net 3.5?

    ---- I had to do the following to get a value of New Window Target URL.  The new 2.0 WebBrowser control is just a wrapper, an API, to the old COM CLASS WebBrowser.  Since the new 2.0 WebBrowser control does not expose where a new window is navigating to we hook the real COM one (We DirectCast the new 2.0 Webbrowser to the old COM class WebBrowser) and Navigate using the EVENT/DELEGATE bsturl which holds the value of the NewWindow target URL.

    Any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks Greg

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