pls disregard multiple post. was having issues with internet

  • 12 years ago

    hi everyone. if im of topic, im sorry.  i dont know where else to post.  im looking for assistance developing software for a wireless usb modem (Huawei model e220 hsdpa usb modem.  this modem is provided by a local-in botswana africa-cell phone company.  the modem uses a sim chip).  i would like to create a program that will use the modem to send out sms's.  i know it can be done, as the software the modem comes with, does.  i just dont know where to start.  ive tried to use the gsmcomm but it doesnt appear to work.  does anyone know what add on's i need to use?  ive never worked with com ports before and am looking for any assistance.  is there something i need to request from the manufacturer (like an sdk?).  if so, they seem less then helpfull so far.  or do i need an sdk for hsdpa (if so, i cant find anything on the net).  any insight would be greatly appreciated.




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