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    I'm looking for some help for the design of a database application.  I want to create an application to help me with my work.  I know what I want it to do, but I need some help writing a software specification that can be handed to a developer to design.  Are there freelancers out there who can help with this?


    The application I want to create should run on a database server.  I have some experience with SQL Server so will probably go for SQL Server 2005 (or 2008 if it's released in time).  I would have database installed on a server, and would expect to access the application from home, from work and from anywhere else in the world.  This would be achieved using Citrix mostly, but I really want it to work as an application that you can access through a normal Internet browser (.net?).


    Also, as a user I could have the application installed on my PC/Laptop, and run it from there by opening the client which would access the data from the server.


    All these things are essential.  From running it locally on my machine, running it over Citrix and running it online.  My first choice is SQL Server, just because I have some experience adminstrating SQL databases on the server.  However, if it's not the best choice for this application then I would reconsider.  I would accept other peoples advice on this.  I don't know which programming language for the client application would be best, I would follow advice on this as well.  Also for using it online I would expect to use .net, but again I'm open to suggestions.


    I am planning to develop this application so that I may be able to sell it as a business application at some point.  To begin with though I would use it for my own work.  So considerations for database, language, etc. should be made now with the expectation that it would be sold onto other people.


    So does anyone have any advice about writing the specification document, or do you know where I can find someone to help write this with me.


    Any advice on this, or the database, programming language, etc. would be most welcome.


    Thanks and regards


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