binding a datatable to a combobox

  • 12 years ago

     Hi guys,

    I'm trying to bind a datatable to a combobox and I stumbled upon an error I don't seem to figure out. Here is my code:


            Dim dt As New DataTable("DatabaseTypes")
            dt.Columns.Add("Long Name")

            dt.Rows.Add("SQL Server", "sqlserver")
            dt.Rows.Add("Oracle", "oracle")


            cmbODBCTemplate.DataSource = dt
            cmbODBCTemplate.DisplayMember = dt.Columns(0).ColumnName
            cmbODBCTemplate.ValueMember = dt.Columns(1).ColumnName

     The error that I'm getting is: "Index was outside the bounds of the array." and seems to happen when executing

           cmbODBCTemplate.DataSource = dt

    Any ideas will be truly appreciated.





  • 12 years ago

    That snippet of code works for me and the combobox fills with the 2 database names.

    Is there anything else that you've omitted in the code that you've posted above?


  • 12 years ago

    Oh, on the second look, it seems the code I have in the combo's SelectedValueChanged event causes the problem. I just discovered this while I was trying to give you more details. Smiley Face



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