Pinvoke DLL pointer to pointer

  • 10 years ago

    I am trying to complete my project with third party dll using , i cant call the function RDA_ReadAlarmList as below , this function call return a integer value and receive the RDA_ReadAlarmList Structure and RDA_AlarmSearchParam as a parameter.

    Hope the bro here can help me on this , already headache for few week on this .. what --> RDS_AlarmList **outAlarmList means ? Structure array ? How should i call this in ?

     Function 10.8.1 It acquires an alarm list ( The asynchronousness ).

    int WINAPI RDA_ReadAlarmList(RDS_AlarmList **outAlarmList, RDS_AlarmSearchParam *inAlarmSearchParam);

    Structure 11.8.4 The alarm list search parameter

    typedef struct { RDE_SearchDir dir; The direction of the search RDE_SearchMode mode; The browse mode int num; The number of the searches (1-1000) bool senser[16]; The sensor true...The sensor is valid. int year; The year ( The 4 digit Christian era ) int month; The month (1-12) int day; The day (1-31) int hour; The hour (0-23) int minute; The minute (0-59) int second; The second (0-59) } RDS_AlarmSearchParam;

    11.8.4 The alarm list item

    typedef struct { int listNumber; The list supervision number (0-9999) int alarmNumber; The alarm list number (1-10000) bool isEnable; The alarm validity / the invalidity ( true: Valid, false: Invalid ) int year; The year ( 4 digits ) int month; The month (1-12) int day; The day (1-31) int hour; The hour (0-23) int minute; The minute (0-59) int second; The second (0-59) int block; The device index int field; The field number int drive; The playback point drive number int vol; The playback point VOLUME number int camera; The camera number ( 0: The emergency, 1-: The camera number ) RDE_Alarm alarmType; The alarm type } RDS_AlarmList;

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