Idea for title character count limiting

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  • 12 years ago
    I have some idea, if this is right place to put them. We could limit only titles, which are shorter than 30 (it is probably good number), but if there is more tags (with some sense, not only .,..,...) it could pass caption even empty :))
  • 12 years ago
    hey - would you mind submitting the idea to ? Definitely don't want to allow the caption to be empty.... it's there really to try and prevent the spate of "Hi" subject lines we had... but open to ideas! Was there a particular post you found yourself having to rewrite to get around the limit?
  • 12 years ago
    somehow I realized that feedback is not accepting new ideas (I had problem to find "Submit idea", so I guessed it is closed and in process :)

    yes, But it does not matters, it was my previous opinion to new tag system.

    I guess you will reject it for first seem, but I tested "brute force spam" dicrimination algorithm at, and it is sufficient. I know there is not much posts at project site, but there was more: now I check for "aghj" types which is easy problem, and also for vulgar words... I said empty in detracting manner, but if there is very correct description of thread via tags (, treeview, update fail, suspend layout problem) there is option to tollerate even "Urgent" caption for it... but yes I would restrict ALL threads by bruteforce to Hi,Problem etc captions
  • 12 years ago
    It is already there

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