Problem with RadioButtonList , csharp , .net , web application , radiobuttonlist Chicoutimi-Jonquière, Canada
  • 9 years ago
    Hi All, The issue is: - I have 2 controls on my page: Reset button and a radiobuttonlist to select various formats(.doc, .pdf, .xls) - I have a RadioButtonList, none of the item is selected at the page load. The property is set to AutoPostback. - When I select any of the item, I am prompted to export the file i.e. a save dialog box appears. - **Now if I cancel the save operation and click on Reset button, I am again prompted to save the file. ** I did try few things, but nothing worked. Hope someone will come with a solution. Regards, Royal
  • 9 years ago
    Hi Royal, That sounds like there might be a problem with your server-side code? How are you deciding what logic to run? Do you have code in the Reset button's click event and the RadioButtonList's selected change event, or in the page_load of the page?
  • 9 years ago
    Hi James, - On the RadioButtonList's selectedIndexChanged event I have the code for saving the data in the format I select(.pdf, .doc, .xls). - On the cilck of reset button I have just a single line code i.e. response.redirect("Default.aspx"); - There is nothing in Page_Load which can be creating some problem. -----Following is something What I tried today ------ - I did try having an extra radiobutton in the RadioButtonList, on its selection I am not doing anything(i.e. no code has been written for this), and when I try after selecting this radio button from the radiobuttonlist, the Reset Button code works fine. - But if I don't use an extra button in the list than its not happening, the problem still presists. Regards, Royal

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