populating a combobox with data from a database

visual basic.net , microsoft access 2003 , .net platform Ghana
  • 12 years ago
    I have written the following code and it keeps on giving me this error please help. The code is below: upgradedconnection = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source =C:\Documents and Settings\Theodora-nss08025\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\uploaded\uploaded\My Project\upgraded.mdb") upgradedcommand = New OleDbCommand("SELECT grade from staffgrade", upgradedconnection) upgradedadapter = New OleDbDataAdapter() upgradedadapter.SelectCommand = upgradedcommand upgradedconnection.Open() Dim dsAuthors As DataSet = New DataSet() upgradedadapter.TableMappings.Add("grade", "staffgrade") upgradedadapter.Fill(dsAuthors) Dim dviewmanager = dsAuthors.DefaultViewManager cbograde.DataSource = dviewmanager cbograde.DisplayMember = "staffgrade.grade" this is the error message I'm getting :: System.Data.DataViewManagerListItemTypeDescriptor thanx in advance for helping.............
  • 12 years ago
    Hi, - after defining datasouce for cbograde, just define DataTextField and DataValueField property of combobox(dropdownlist). and Bind the data. - Do you have any specific reason for using DefaultViewManager? Regards, Royal

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