problem retrieving data processed by class library

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  • 10 years ago
    Pls help! how am i going to update a form's listbox with data handled and stored by a class library ( the messages are from a connected socket)? I want this listbox to diplay chat messages. class X (class library code) properties: ipadd,port,isconnected...etc methods: Connect() and ConnectCallback //will establish connection to the socket using BeginConnect and EndConnect WaitForData and OnDataReceived(Callback) //will received the messages using BeginReceive and EndReceive public void WaitForData() { recieveCallback = new AsyncCallback(onDataReceived); StateObject socket = new StateObject(); socket.workSocket = mainClientSocket; result = mainClientSocket.BeginReceive(socket.buffer, 0, socket.buffer.Length, SocketFlags.None, recieveCallback, socket); } private void onDataReceived(IAsyncResult result) { StateObject socket = (StateObject)result.AsyncState; if (mainClientSocket.Connected) { bytesRcvd = socket.workSocket.EndReceive(result); ReadXML(bytesReceived, socket); //method that will parse the message receiveDone.Set(); WaitForData(); } else { socket.workSocket.Close(); } } private void ReadXML(int bytes, StateObject socket) { ... ... ... Once data is parsed , it will be stored in SenderMessageList ///(List) SenderMessageQueue(Sender + ": " + Message); } private void SenderMessageQueue(String message, String socketID) { SenderMessageList.Add(message); } public String getSenderMessage //// I will call this property in a form to display //// the stored message { get { return SenderMessageList[SenderMessageList.Count - 1]; } } Form // will use the library namespace WindowsFormsApplication4 { using X; .. .. x= new X.ClientSocket(); IntPtr handle = this.Handle; x.IPadd = ""; x.Port = 8222; x.Connect(); ThreadStart threadStarter = new ThreadStart(ReceiveMessages); myThread = new Thread(threadStarter); myThread.IsBackground = true; myThread.Start(); } private void ReceiveMessages() { while (x.bytesReceived != 0) { listBox1.Invoke(new UpdateTextCallback(this.Update_listBox1), new object[] { a }); } listBox1.Invoke(new UpdateTextCallback(this.Update_listBox1), new object[] { x.getSenderMessage }); } private void Update_listBox1(String text) { listBox1.Items.Add(text); } private void ButtonSend_click{ } When i move the listbox.invoke in ButtonSend, i can get the stored message..But what i want to do is automate the receiving of data..Sending has no problem cause it's working...I am by the way creating a chat program..i want to see all the messages coming in...Thanks.

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