Gizmox Announces release of Visual WebGui SDK version 6.2.2 , silverlight Jerusalem, Israel
  • 12 years ago
    **Gizmox Announces release of Visual WebGui SDK version 6.2.2** The new Visual WebGui SDK is now available for [download]( The 6.2.2 release provides compatibility to MS Silverlight RC0/RTW, and now supports development & deployment of web applications with the latest Silverlight technology. As stated before, Microsoft has released Silverlight 2 with weak backwards compatibility to previous Silverlight versions, which resulted in some presentation issues with the Silverlight layer that are now solved. The new release also includes the Visual WebGui WinForms-like designer allowing simple and cost-effective Web development, and the new ASP.NET Control wrapper wizard introduced earlier this month. Version 6.2.2 provides further stabilization to 6.2 which brought new standards in developer experience, including complete integration into the Visual Studio designer and an upgraded installation protocol which consolidates all Visual WebGui's Products, Open source Installation, Documentation and Samples into a single step-by-step process. The 6.2.2 release solves the following major issues: • Silverlight 2.0 (RC0) support. • Allow renaming DataGridViewColumn objects without use of the Update. • Wrapper ControlCode property supports setting of multiline code. • Silverlight installation options updated to support development with out Silverlight SDK installation. • VWG Under.NET 2.0 problem running on IIS fixed. • DataGridView.BorderStyle has a default value of BorderStyle.FixedSingle. • DataGridView left border problem fixed. • DateTimePicker use culture information to obtain date formats, first day of week etc. • Datagrid view under FF scrolls to top left corner whenever it looses focus fixed. • DataGridview did not rendered when populate manually. • TextBox Validation work when using client obscuring. • Frozen columns show header text. • Extention change in property page bug fix. • Enables sorting of type selector dialog. • Combo Box- Back color fixed. • Main menu: single menu clicked fixed. • Toolbar items are grayed when disabled. • Create Black theme - an alternative Silverlight theme was created and is published as a part of version 6.2.2. • Recreating ClientBin folder bug fixed. • DateTimePicker black square on right side removed. • DataGrid: first row on load is painted as selected. • Splitter drag cursor is changed when spliter docking changes. • Hyperlink button fires LinkedClicked twice fixed.

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