N00b questions with VB and video

vb express , video playback , video format Thessaloníki, Greece
  • 12 years ago
    Hi everyone! Just started taking my first steps with Visual Basic and I want to take a shot at making a CBT application. I've acquired VB Express 2008 and although i have some *basic* programming knowledge from several years back, it all seems pretty new to me at this time :) So here's a list of questions i have for you guys, any help with them would be greatly appreciated! 1. I need to use a video format that cannot be played back with any widespread media player (:glares at VLC:) or, barring that, an encryption that dissallows the viewer from directly playing the video files. 2. From what I've gathered from browsing at several forums, there is normal support for videos in "standard" formats (for example .avi and .wmv) - however, there is no mention of any other "non-standard" formats, such as, say, .3gp. What would i need to use in order to play that sort of file through my application? a separate SDK? 3. Is there an easy way to package several movies into a single file and then access a particular movie for playback? I'm having games in mind, where there's a single 1GB file that contains several files at once. So, help a n00b out? cheers :)
  • 12 years ago
    well one of the main things you can do here is make your own streaming tech, not so easy, basically read the file and then convert it to media and sound. If it was easy I think everyone would be doing it. one thing you could possible do is offset the file, say use a shift in the data so 1 = 2 2=3, etc. save out the media file like this. and then when you read it back in as its loaded into mem to play you can then resync the data back to its correct values, this would make the media files unreadable in everything else but your own player. How you can do this though I aint got a clue :).... As to packages several movies into 1 file you could do that, but then again you would need to be able to extract that data back out of the file. This is were the problem lies is that I am not sure how you would intercept the data as its read before going into the media player buffer.

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