Some interesting dot net Interview questions I faced today.....

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  • 12 years ago
    Hi Everybody, This is my first day at the community. Hiii to all!! Since 2.5 years I have been working as a Maintenance Analyst in a Support and Maintenance project. I admit I dont have exceptionl technical knowledge. This has made me want to learn more and more now. I had an interview today for a Senior Dot Net developer opening at a small company which develops BPO softwares...kind of bill processing and all... Following are some of the questions I can recall during the interview. Please be generous enough to respond to them. I could not give satisfactory answers to the following questions I believe: 1. Is it possible to call a .net component (e.g DLL) in a VB6 application? If yes, how? 2. What is the difference between array.copyTo and array.clone? 3. What are the events defined in global.asax? 4. Define class and object in the simplest terms. What is the difference between class and object? 5. Define - Abstraction, Encapsulation. Differentiate between them. 6. What is the difference between URI and URL? 7. What are httphandlers and httpmodules ? What are the events in httphandlers? 8. What is the meaning of optional parameters? Which language can use this method - 9. If an web application has 10 webpages, can 5 of them be defined using and the rest using If yes how? 10. Can an application have more than one web.config file? 11. Whaich is a faster language? or ? How? 12. What is the difference between SPOCS and Function ? 13. If we have a employee table like as follows: emp id emp name manager no ----------- ---------------- ----------------- Write a sql query to display empid, emp name, manager no and manager name. Display admin as manager if mamanger id is null. 14. What is the meaning of delegate? 15. What is a sealed class? 16. If we want to see a affected result set from Dataset what is the process to handle this? Any events? 17. what are the access modifiers used for Interfaces? 18. What is the meaning of overloading and overriding? Differentiate.

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