New reporting tool for Silverlight.

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  • 12 years ago
    Powerful reporting system plus advanced technology is your business success! Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight is a flexible and reliable tool designed to create reports based of any .Net data sources. The support for Silverlight technology provides unquestionable advantages for both users and developers. Developers can create functional Web reports that have functionality of traditional desktop reports. Users, in their turn, will be able to get reports just opening their browser from anywhere. Thus, you get two constituents of your business success. New possibilities to make your work more effective and easy! Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight Beta is the next step toward the final release of the product. This version provides more freedom in managing all aspects of report viewer work from code. Now the developers have access to product object model and can change page display mode, zoom in and zoom out, manage navigation, etc. Company specialists also took care about users. They decreased the amount of data propagated via the network up to three times and let clients considerably reduce traffic and save time. There is also no need to re-render the pages acquired earlier. These pages are cashed on the server side. XPS and RTF export filters are available in this new version. Embed and deploy Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight in your application today! A Go Live License will allow you to immediately deploy Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight while the product is still in beta and the last details are ironed out before release. The purchase of any Go Live Licenses will later be exchanged for an equivalent license of the final release version. Moreover, now you can save on purchasing licenses of this powerful Silverlight reporting tool. Perpetuum Software offers 30% discount to those developers who purchase licenses while the product is at Beta stage. Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight Beta is the first report generator for Silverlight capable of making developers work more enjoyable and providing users with flexible and powerful reports of the highest quality. Feel free to visit the official webpage of the product at or feel free to download demo version at

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