Editing other programs window positions with VB

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  • 12 years ago
    Hi, I've been coding in VB for a little while now and am familiar with the basics of the language, however I am looking for some help in creating a program that can detect a few other programs that have windows running and change the position of these windows (and if possible, to support the use of a second monitor with this program). I believe the steps would be: A) To detect which programs currently have windows running (minimized or maximized). I am not sure whether this can be done as a retrieval of the window's program name for each window that is detected to be running or if you must check to see if each given program from a list has a window running. Either method would work for what I'm trying to do. B) Access the location of each window and if it is not in the correct location, move it there. This presents the possible problem of having to specify / distinguish between two monitors in a dual monitor display setup. C) Possibly provide a graphical interface with geometric shapes representing the windows detected, and their position scaled down in 1 or 2 rectangular containers representing a scaled down screen surface. Dragging to change the 'correct' position for each window and specify the coordinates of the location in a label to the side or underneath such a graphical interface. I have an idea on how to accomplish C) once I'm able to figure out the first two steps. At the moment I do not even truly know if a program like this is possible, though I suspect it might be. Any help or comments to point me in the right direction to start would be great thanks. (I use Visual Studio 2008 with .NET Framework 3.5)

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