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  • 9 years ago
    Man, thank you!! I searched 8 hours for a working code. Your code has earned at once! Many thanks to you! gl, man! I will be in United Kingdom - from me the present Russian vodka.:-)
  • 8 years ago

    I'd like to congratulate you for the clean code you provided.

    I am curious about whether you have seen / can solve an interesting problem I've run into: using the class you provided in a windows forms applicatin, I have implemented a test routine using a timer. This routine saved the screenshot of the screen every 10 seconds and saving it with a randomized / time oriented name. After testing locally and making sure the code worked fine, I have uploaded it to a remote computer and ran it. Worked fine at first, but leaving the application running and closing the remote connection lead into black screenshots.

    Actually I have been developing another application that spiders some urls and gathers their screenshots and sends them to some people. It all worked well until deployment. After deployment I realized the problem I tried to explain above.

    Is there a way any stand alone .net application can take non-black / non-blank screenshots without the need for an active/logged on user?


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