Saving PDF in SqlServer DataBase

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  • 12 years ago
    hi, I am trying to ssave a pdf file an image field in sqlserver database table. The issue is: - I have a common Store Procedure for Add and Update of all the tables in the database. - The procedure has variables like UpdateField, InsertFields of nvarchar(max) datatype. - The target field(where the image will be stored) is of image datatype. - From the CodeBehind I am passing a Byte[ ] array. Here, I just want to confirm is there a way I can insert the pdf into database keeping in mind the above said conditions. I don't want to create a new Procedure for the same. Is there any way I can convert this Byte [ ] array from the CodeBehind. Something like passing a string as "convert(nvarchar(Byte [ ])". Only thing I don't want to do is to alter the Procedure or create a new procedure. Regards, Royal

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