Reading Specific XML Lines

xml , reports , elements Leicester, United Kingdom
  • 10 years ago
    I have code that loops via the element below. You will notice I have a PO_LINE_ID number. How would I match this to the LINE_ATTACHMENTS/ID, so I can print the LINE_ATTACHMENTS/Text along side the appropriate PO_LINE_ID and anything else that migth be in the LINES? Hope this makes sense. I require a report like: Code INFO Extra Info 2679 INFOR FOR SLC Customer Ref = 100 2680 INFOR FOR ......bbb SLC Customer Ref = 88 2681 INFOR FOR ......ccc SLC Customer Ref = 5512 1 INFOR FOR 2679 2 INFOR FOR .....bbb. 2680 2 INFOR FOR ......cccc 2681 SLC Customer Ref = 100 2679 SLC Customer Ref = 88 2680 SLC Customer Ref = 5512 2681

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